MSFAU – Faculty of Architecture initiated the wider debate of sustainable green planning and development processes in the country by organising the first International GREENAGE Conference in December 2010. In April 2012, this major awareness raising event is to take place with a new ‘green economy’ aspect of the process in focus.   Both green planning and development is essential to accommodate population growth and to deliver sustainable liveability. In order to create greener communities, changes will need to be made to existing land use regulations, design guidelines, construction standards, and more. Thus, this major event intends to bring together academics and the representatives of the key sectors. 
Greenage II Conference / Event has three components:

  •         a symposium,
  •         an exhibition,
  •         a number of  workshops.

The purpose of the Workshops is to generate an inter-disciplinary synergy emphasising the importance of education and capacity building.   Overall, this conference will provide you with expert knowledge / advice on the current state of green sustainable planning and development issues.
Issues to be addressed

  •          Eco-Technologies
  •          Environmental Ethic and Philosphy
  •          Alternate Energy Sources/Renewable Energy on the scales of City, Building and Product
  •          Green Transportation
  •          Sustainability of Building Stock
  •          Environmental Rehabilitation
  •          Social Sustainability
  •          Climate Change
  •          Green Economy
This Conference / Workshop is designed for
  • Local government officials, officers, councillors and planners;
  • Municipal directors and staff;
  • Architects, engineers, urban planners, designers, landscape architects, sociologists, engineers, academicians, etc)
  •  Lawyers concentrating on municipal, insurance, environmental, construction or civil law;
  • Professionals involved in land use planning;
  • Construction and development company representatives; and more.
Workshop participation
Workshop outcomes will be exhibited during the GreenAge II Symposium , 26-27 April 2012. 
If you would like to conduct your own workshop or participate in one of the workshops during the period between 16-20 April 2012, please fill out the form below:

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