The period in which environmental awareness has been developed is defined as “green age”. During this period, increased number of studies on sustainable development has stimulated the diffusion of green products and services. The impacts of consumption patterns on the nature and life impose an important role to social consciousness and participation. The effective realisation of social and managerial duties on the other hand requires the proper allocation of resources.                                                    

In this context, international perspectives provide guidance on integrated approach to housing, planning and energy areas through directives and related legislative frameworks. Therefore, transportation, energy and technological infrastructures appear to be the most important issues that should be addressed in urban, architectural and product scales.  

In the First International Greenage Symposium, it has been emphasized that green economy based technologies, products and services play a key role in the effective transition to sustainable development. These themes designate the main concept of the Second International Greenage Symposium to be held on 26-27 April 2012 as ”sustainable society and green economy”.

The Faculty of Architecture of the MSFAU aims to continue its mission on this discourse by bringing together experts from several institutions such as universities,  municipalities, NGO’s and from various disciplines as architects,  engineers and designers.